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ATHENS to AMERICA! - A tribute in Chicago…

ATHENS to AMERICA! - A tribute in Chicago…

On Thursday October 3rd , 2019; the first public showing of the DFC Society sponsored documentary, ‘THE METTLE BEHIND THE MERIT’, The Steve Pisanos Story, was held at the National Hellenic Museum, Chicago, IL. The evening began with a beautiful selection of traditional Greek delicacies and hors d'oeuvres, complimented by fine Greek wines, provided by our host and the patron of the documentary, John Calamos. The local Greek community turned out a significant number of attendees and were thrilled to learn of the heroism and life
achievements of the young Greek immigrant, Steve Pisanos, as he rose from pauper, to war hero in two wars, and eventually as a military attaché to the U.S Embassy in Athens. 

Pat Owen drove from his home in Camp Hill, PA bearing ON HEROIC WINGS books for purchase by the attendees and we were appreciative of the effort that one of our members, Paul Creasy and his wife, made to attend bydriving from Alton, IL.

John Mollison, accompanied by Dalton Coffey, OGTA (Old Guys and Their Airplanes), presented John Calamos with a beautiful signed lithograph of the Cessna O-2 he flew in Vietnam as an expression of gratitude for his generosity in the production of this fine tribute to Col. Pisanos. The evening was a wonderful event and we all were grateful for the experience.

John Mollison & John Calamos Callsign: Lopez 58

Subsequent to the Premier, a robust Educators Kit, targeting grades 6 thru 8, is available for download from our new site at: https://www.dfcsociety.org/pages/educators-kit and free models of Steve’s Spitfire are available for teachers to support the lesson plan.