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Our Mission, Vision, Core Values, & Goals

Our Legacy

Our Legacy derives from those men and women who have demonstrated their heroism or extraordinary achievements in difficult situations in aerial flight that resulted in the award of the Distinguished Flying Cross. Their stories have emphasized what can be accomplished by ordinary people doing extraordinary things when the situations called for it.

Our Mission

HONOR THE LEGACY: Honor the men and women who have demonstrated their heroism or extraordinary achievements in difficult situations in aerial flight that resulted in the award of the Distinguished Flying Cross, while promoting fraternity and fellowship among DFCS members.

PRESERVE THE LEGACY: Preserve the rich heritage and historical narratives of those who are recipients of the DFC and members of the DFCS.

TEACH THE LEGACY: Educate the general public, especially the youth of America, on the values of courage, patriotism and character - those characteristics upon which America was founded, demonstrating to the public that, based on those principles, a cross section of ordinary Americans, exemplified by DFCS members, can and have accomplished extraordinary things in extremely difficult conditions.

Our Vision

Leveraging the fraternity and camaraderie of our members, we are a national leader and exemplar among Air Warrior Veterans organizations – honoring, preserving, and educating about the Legacy of DFC recipients and members of the DFCS.

Our Core Values

ACHIEVEMENT, COURAGE, EDUCATION: personified by award of the DFC, that demonstrated heroism or extraordinary achievement in aerial flight, exemplifying courage, patriotism, and character.

Our Goals

1. Develop an endowment sufficient to keep the Society viable in the future through corporate sponsorships, members’ donations, and a sound investment policy.

2. Preserve the heritage and historical narratives of DFC Society members by bringing online to our web site’s Honor Roll all available records of members’ DFC citations, conflicts, and aircraft flown.

3. Continually improve and update the utility of the DFC Society web site for our membership.

4. Publish the DFC Society News Magazine biannually featuring stories about the DFC Society and its members. Make the magazine available online and in hard copy to the interested public and air museums.

5. In coordination with the Winter Edition of the DFC News Magazine, execute an annual membership donation solicitation campaign (Legacy Challenge) focused on sustained support of DFC Society programs and continued growth of the investment portfolio.

6. In partnership with Old Guys and Their Airplanes (OGTA), continue to find sponsors and produce online interviews featuring DFC Society members, relating the stories of their lives, their aviation careers, and their DFC missions. We invite viewers in the interested public through invitations to other Veterans organizations and to over 75 air museums and their memberships.

7. Develop and update a multi-media presentation suitable for schools, JROTC and ROTC units, Civil Air Patrol, and scouting organizations on the values of courage, patriotism and character and provide it to Directors and Officers.

8. Promote the DFC Society through a presence at air shows and through cross recruiting with like-minded organizations.

9. Hold biennial Reunions with distinct themes, fostering fraternity and camaraderie among the membership, featuring noteworthy speakers supporting the Reunion themes.

10. Provide annual scholarships, both academic and vocational, to descendants of DFC Society members. The number and individual scholarship amounts will be determined by the Board.

11. Provide our membership with access to DFC Society branded clothing and other items available through a third-party online store.

The DFC Society Goals are reviewed annually at the final Board meeting of the year.