Debrief #7 with Col. John Mollison with special live Q&A GUEST Warren Eastman

The Film describes Col John Mollison’s uncommon rise from a childhood of poverty to residency in Boys Town to the Vietnam War where, as a Weapons Systems Officer, found exceptional success in the face of combat. The livestream Q&A will allow audience members opportunity to text questions to either Mollison or Eastman. The downloadable Educator’s Kit (available after 22 Jan) contains unpublished artwork, photographs and insight into the service of the Weapons Systems Officer (WSO) and coursework designed to bring this rare history into a perspective that anyone can profit from.


For more information on Old Guys and Their Airplanes or the event itself, please contact:  John Mollison, 605.261.6070 or John@JohnMollison.com

For additional information on the DFC Society and archived OGTA productions: please contact Woody Gilliland, 325.660.8333 or wgilliland@dfcsociety.org.  -   https://www.dfcsociety.org/pages/ogta-debriefs

Join us on 28 January, 1:00pm CT

Join us on 28 January, 1:00pm CT for the Old Guys and Their Airplanes FILM PREMIERE of “Who’s the Guy In Back?” Featuring 3x DFC recipient John Mollison + livestream Q&A with Mollison and featured guest, 2x DFC recipient Warren Eastman.

The livestream Q&A will be broadcast from Boys Town, Nebraska - previous home of Col John Mollison (and inspiration for the Academy Award winning film of the same name).

Livestream link will be active 1245pm, 28 January 2023
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