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DFC Society Scholarship Awards

The DFC Society has had an active scholarship program since 1998. Through the generosity of our members in general and certain organizations in particular, we are able to award several scholarships annually to outstanding young students. These students are all direct descendants or legally adopted children of DFC Society members.

Many people have contributed to the Scholarship Fund since its inception, and we now have three scholarship fund arrangements. The Ward Macauley Fund is a general scholarship fund that receives undesignated donations.  Scholarships from this fund are named in honor of WWII DFC recipient Ward Macauley, since the initial funding for establishing the program was donated by his widow, Lydia Macauley. 

Annual, Multi-Year Named Scholarship Funds have been established by specific donations. We have received large contributions from The RGT Charitable Remainder Trust and from DFC Society members Colonel Bill Garner and Commander Evelyn Moy for which named scholarships have been established. To them, and all of our donors, we are very grateful. 

We also have the opportunity for Endowed (In perpetuity) Named Scholarship Funds.

The Scholarship Committee is comprised of three Society Directors and two other Society members, with President Chuck Sweeney providing oversight. Patricia McFetridge is the Committee Chair assisted by DirectorsLewis Watt and Al Nuss as well as DFCS members Jim Christman and John Todd.The Society was able to award nine scholarships this past June for the current 2022-2023 academic year. To those students who were not selected this year, we sincerely hope you will consider applying again next year.

Nine Outstanding Recipients for 2022

Colonel William D. Garner & Commander Evelyn L. Moy Scholarships
Sage Alexandra Hall
Isabel Katherine Markham

Ward Macauley Scholarships
Lucas Philip Fitzgerald
Nicholas Francis Thompson 
Avery Paige Todd
Anjelina Rose Venegas

RGT Charitable Remainder Trust Scholarships
Max Abram Hoffman
Marren Rae Powelson
Calvin James Kirchoff

Congratulations Students!

– Patricia McFetridge, Director and DFCS Scholarship Committee Chair

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