DFC Society Scholarship Awards

The DFC Society has had an active scholarship program since 1998. Through the generosity of our members in general and certain organizations in particular, we are able to award several scholarships annually to outstanding young students. These students are all direct descendants or legally adopted children of DFC Society members.

Many people have contributed to the Scholarship Fund since its inception, and we now have three scholarship fund arrangements. The Ward Macauley Fund is a general scholarship fund that receives undesignated donations.  Scholarships from this fund are named in honor of WWII DFC recipient Ward Macauley, since the initial funding for establishing the program was donated by his widow, Lydia Macauley. 

Annual, Multi-Year Named Scholarship Funds have been established by specific donations. We have received large contributions from The RGT Charitable Remainder Trust and from DFC Society members Colonel Bill Garner and Commander Evelyn Moy for which named scholarships have been established. To them, and all of our donors, we are very grateful. 

We also have the opportunity for Endowed (In perpetuity) Named Scholarship Funds.

The Scholarship Committee is comprised of four Society Directors, with President Chuck Sweeney providing oversight. Patricia McFetridge is the Committee Chair assisted by Directors Allen Nuss, Lewis Watt and James Wilhite and backed by Office Manager, Mary Ellen Park. The Society was able to award six scholarships this past June for the current 2020-2021 academic year. To those students who were not selected this year, we sincerely hope you will consider applying again next year.

Six Outstanding Recipients for 2020

This year’s winners of the Ward Macauley DFC Society scholarships are Madeline Hall, Ridge Powelson, Pail Tibbets V, Gwendolyn Morovitz, Wesley Jones and Collier Mingus. Congratulations Students!

– Patricia McFetridge, Director and DFCS Scholarship Committee Chair


I was born and raised in Gulf Breeze, Florida. My family includes my parents, Warren and Mary Beth Hall, and my sister, Sage.

I am proud to be the granddaughter of Donald Ray Hall, a retired U.S. Army helicopter pilot, who was a recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross medal. I am honored to have received this scholarship, as I feel that I am representing my grandfather and all he has accomplished.

In high school I played lacrosse, ran cross country, and participated in many community service activities. I graduated with honors in the top five percent of my class.

I will be attending the University of Florida where I will major in Biology and Pre-Med.


I’m Ridge Powelson, an Athens, Georgia resident, graduate of Scholars Guild Academy, and proud grandson of Distinguished Flying Cross recipient Lt. Col. (Ret.) Earl Grant Fossum II.

Throughout high school I had many opportunities for growth and leadership development. With Student Government, I was able to organize events to build a more unified student body. I represented the state of Georgia at both National History Day and Washington Youth Tour. Hoping to aid new students at my school in getting connected more quickly, I created the Student Ambassador Program to help bridge the gap between new and returning students. Though each of these opportunities taught me how to be a better leader and citizen, they pale in comparison with the example of my grandfather which serves as a guidepost for me, especially as I prepare to attend the University of Georgia this Fall.

I’m not yet sure how I’ll choose one of the many degrees that interest me. However, my goal is that whatever field I pursue, I will use it to continue my grandfather’s legacy of courage, loyalty, and


My name is Paul Tibbets V and I am the proud son of Paul Tibbets IV and great-grandson of Paul Tibbets, Jr., both recipients of the Distinguished Flying Cross. I am honored to have been selected for
this scholarship.

For as long as I can remember, my life was a part of the military. Up until a couple years ago, my life consisted of a move every two years or so, totaling 10 moves. I’ve lived all over the world, from
Missouri to Rhode Island, Belgium, Italy and Louisiana. During this time my dad deployed five times.

I joined Cub Scouts in 1st grade while we were in Brussels, Belgium, and earned my Eagle Scout in 9th grade. For my Eagle Scout project, I designed and built a mural covering the history and current Whiteman AFB missions for Whiteman AFB Elementary School. I led a team of 10 Boy Scouts and 8 Adults over a six-month period for a total of 405 hours. I also participated in track, cross-country, debate, band and powerlifting.

I was on the All “A” Honor Roll from 7 th through 12 th grade, and a member of the National Junior Honor Society and National Honor Society. I graduated with honors from Parkway High School in Bossier City, Louisiana in the top 6% of my class.

My passion has always been film. I will be attending Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida, majoring in Film.


Hello! My name is Gwendolyn Morovitz. I am 18 years old and a first-year student at the University of Missouri- Columbia.

I was born in St. Louis, Missouri on November 8, 2001 to my parents Rebekah and Brian Morovitz.

Around the time I could take my first steps, my parents tell me I would always flip through picture books and stories that would fascinate me for hours. Little did I know growing up to attend the world’s first journalism school, that the fascination of stories and storytelling would take such an important role in my future career and interests.

After moving to Keller, Texas, a small town outside of Fort Worth at 11 years old, I found that coping with moving away from the town with all of my friends and family nearby could only be soothed with writing. Starting in eighth grade I became not only a writer for my middle school newspaper, but editor in chief for the publication. As trivial as a middle school paper was, it sparked the writer in me to put a new energy into journalistic writing, rather than the same old storytelling and story writing I had been
enjoying all my life.

In high school I wrote for my school’s online newspaper, The Wigwam, as well as worked on the yearbook staff as a photographer and writer for 3 years. I was editor in chief of both the yearbook and newspaper my senior year of high school and succeeded in sparking the creative drive in both groups,
teaching them what I had learned on newswriting, editorial writing, feature writing, photography, copy editing, and so much more. This sheer enjoyment of journalism and the AP style of writing and storytelling took me to the one place I knew of to be the best and most practical way to get straight into the journalism community: The University of Missouri.

Mizzou offers not only one of the best (if not arguably the best,) journalism programs in the nation, but allows their students to begin working in a real newsroom for the local newspaper, The Missourian, or student-led publications such as The Maneater, as soon as their freshman year. This famous “Missouri Method” will allow me to be hands on in the career I dream to be a part of, and will set me up to have had experience in a real newsroom as I leave college and prepare to join a future newsroom elsewhere in the country.

I am beyond grateful for the support from The Distinguished Flying Cross Society with their generous scholarship to aid in my journey to becoming the journalist. I hope one day to become as well, an alumna from The University of Missouri.


I am Wesley Jones and I am the grandson of LTC (ret) Donald E. Jones. It is truly an honor to receive a scholarship from The Distinguished Flying Cross Society. My grandfather’s steadfast devotion to our family and country is second to none and it is my hope that someday I might grow up to become even half the man he is.

During high school, I ran cross country all four years and was a team captain my senior year.

As well as running, I was an assistant coach for a little league baseball team that gave me life experiences that I would never trade for anything.

I am currently enrolled for my sophomore year at the University of Kentucky, studying computer science with a minor in philosophy.


Collier Mingus is the grandson of Distinguished Flying Cross recipient, LTC (Ret) Leslie Charles Mingus of Inlet Beach, Florida, and the son of COL (Ret) Matthew Calvin Mingus and mother, Kitty Collier Mingus of Madison, Alabama. He is a recent Honors Graduate of James Clemens High School.

Collier was a member of the Medical Interventions Clinical Team and part of his school’s Medical Academy.

He played lacrosse in high school and enjoys snow skiing, skateboarding, and traveling.

Collier currently is an Honors College freshman at the University of Alabama, where he is majoring in Biology (Pre-Med).