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OGTA DEBRIEF #6 - COLONEL ROBERT G. CERTAIN (RET.) 'the unchained eagle'

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COMING SOON and SAVE THE DATE! - August 28, 2021, 11AM Central

The Distinguished Flying Cross Society (DFCS) and Old Guys and Their Airplanes (OGTA) presented “The Unchained Eagle” - #6 in the award winning Film + Live Q&A + Educator’s Kit “Debrief” series.

On 18 December, 1972,  Col Robert Certain was a Navigator aboard a B-52G Stratofortress bomber, participating in the opening night in one of the Vietnam War’s most crucial moments:  Operation Linebacker II.   The plan was to force, once and for all, Peace Negotiations (Paris Peace Accords) that would effectively end the fighting in Vietnam.   Though Linebacker II accomplished just that, it did so at terrific cost… including the shooting down of “Charcoal 01” (the callsign of Certain’s B-52).  Of the crew of six, three men were killed.  Certain was one of the fortunate survivors, only he was quickly captured and imprisoned within the infamous “Hanoi Hilton” prison system.

During the DFCS/OGTA “Debrief,”  Col Certain will describe his capture, captivity and also the remarkable post-war journey to fulfill a childhood calling to serve in full-time ministry, a service of exceptional impact to those faced with recovery from PTSD.

Debrief Host and Aviation Artist, John Mollison is creating a limited edition print series of the B-52G crewed by Certain and the rest of Charcoal 01.  Certain will be signing these prints with 100% of the proceeds going to the DFC Society Education Fund.

Please bookmark this page as it will be your portal to participate in the August 28 film + live Q&A event.

“Watch Parties” are also being planned at the following locations:
Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum - south of Omaha, NE
South Dakota Air & Space Museum - Ellsworth AFB, SD
South Dakota Military Alliance - Sioux Falls, SD

“What is a Watch Party?”   It’s simply a gathering of like-minded history enthusiasts who get together and experience the Debrief as it’s happening.   Plus, with live Q&A function, the whole gathering can get involved in interacting with the subject.  They can be as elaborate or casual as you like and the Educator’s Kit resource material will be made available prior to the Debrief.

If you are interested in having a Watch Party, please email DFC Society Exec VP Warren Eastman asap.

VIETNAM WAR FORMER POW TO GIVE LIVE Q&A INTERVIEW ON CRUCIAL BATTLE - Schools, museums and groups are encouraged to hold Watch Party of event

(Sioux Falls, SD) —On Saturday, 28 August, 2021, Vietnam Veteran and former Prisoner of War (POW) Col Robert Certain, USAF (Ret) will be featured in a live, streaming Q&A.  The moment is part of the award-winning historical documentary series produced by Old Guys and Their Airplanes (OGTA) and the Distinguished Flying Cross Society (DFCS).

On 18 December, 1972, Certain became the first American to be captured after his B-52G Stratofortress bomber was shot down on the opening night of Operation Linebacker II, the code name given to the successful (but costly) bombing of strategic military targets near Hanoi, North Vietnam.  

Linebacker II played a crucial role in bringing the Vietnam War to an end for American forces in that it convinced North Vietnamese leaders to resume stalled peace talks.  Perhaps the greatest affect of the peace treaty was the release of nearly 600 American POWs, some whom had been in captivity for over eight years.

Col Robert Certain will describe his POW experiences as well as how he leveraged them to overcome PTSD and establish successful careers as a military leader, minister and author.

Certain is a recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC), an award given for heroism in aerial flight.  DFC Society Chairman Woody Gilliland explains, “Our members have seen history up-close and personal in startling ways.  These OGTA events are a great way for us to promote these stories of U.S. airmen in combat, their dedication, courage and professionalism.   Bob’s story is especially important because it ties directly into the campaign that many people believe to have brought the POWs home.”

OGTA Producer and host of the Debrief event John Mollison stated, “The Vietnam War is valuable in its practical lessons and powerful stories. Every generation can look, listen and learn; Col Certain experienced powerful history but also has shown that the human condition can find peace in chaos.”

Museums, Educators, Group leaders and Veterans groups are encouraged to host “Watch Parties” to view the moment live and discuss.  Educator’s Kit resource materials featuring Certain’s life, service and Linebacker II will be available for download prior to the event.  Viewers who participate via the Military Tales YouTube channel and South Dakota Public Broadcasting streaming service will also have opportunity to send questions to Certain during the interview.

The event will be hosted and stream-sourced from Blue Skies of Texas retirement community (formerly known as Air Force Village). 

LOGIN INFORMATION [regularly updated]: https://www.dfcsociety.org/pages/certain

For more information on Old Guys and Their Airplanes or the event itself, please contact:  John Mollison, 605.261.6070 or John@JohnMollison.com

For additional information on the DFC Society and archived OGTA productions: please contact Woody Gilliland, 325.660.8333 or wgilliland@dfcsociety.org.  -   https://www.dfcsociety.org/pages/ogta-debriefs

Colenel Robert G. Certain (ret.) Educators Kit

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