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OGTA EDUCATIONAL KIT - Brigadier General Charles McGee 'Onward, Upward'

Bring Charles McGee' 'Onward, Upward' into Your Classroom or Group!

This was an historic interview! It's a wonderful and especially rare opportunity (see video link below) for anyone to learn history from someone who was "up close and personal"; with WWII, racial segregation and the transition of many generations of Americans.

Brigadier General McGee served in WWII, The Korean War and Vietnam War, accumulating an astounding 409 combat missions. His civilian service is marked by extensive honors including the nation’s highest civilian award, The Congressional Gold Medal. Today, at age 100, he remains an active role model to youth, promoting his mantra of personal success, “Perceive, Prepare, Perform and Persevere.”  The live interview was FREE TO THE PUBLIC with special emphasis on encouraging teachers and group leaders to tune-in. 

Interested in viewing the 'Onward, Upward' Debrief, click HERE.

Using the 'Onward, Upward' Educators Kit Package

The three free main components of the Brigadier General Charles McGee Educators Kit were designed to allow the individual teacher flexibility in addressing their specific needs.  Downloading, printing and distributing is encouraged but please respect the copyright and hard work of the many people who contributed by not altering content, hosting it or distributing it without written permission.

Interested in downloading the three free main components, click HERE.

The 'Onward, Upward' Main Kit

This four page .pdf uses the story of 'Onward, Upward' as a launching point to challenge students to define their own dream of success and realize it through intelligent work and positive behavior.

Click HERE to download.

The 'Onward, Upward' Photo Kit

Who doesn’t like pictures?!  Many of the photos included are previously unpublished.  However, they provide historical and photographic insight into Brigadier General Charles McGee' fascinating career.

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The 'Onward, Upward' Worksheets

These worksheets provide the practical aspect of bringing 'Onward, Upward' into the classroom.  There are five pages and each one features two questions for students to thoughtfully and independently engage with Brigadier General Charles McGee' story.

Click HERE to download.

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Brigadier General Charles McGee (ret.) Debrief

The OGTA Debrief #3 - Brigadier General Charles McGee (ret.) Debrief is provided HERE.