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The Mettle Behind the Merit

Educators Kit

Bring Steve Pisanos’ Mettle into your classroom or group
Few stories convey the American Dream as positively and informatively as Steve Pisanos’.  The following videos and 4-part downloadable Educator’s Kit can become a powerful part of your Civics, Social Studies or History curriculum.

Civic and Youth organizations such as (but not limited to) Civil Air Patrol, Scouts, ROTC, DECA and Boys and Girls Clubs of America are also encouraged to consider this Educator’s Kit as part of their ongoing work, too.

The Mettle Behind the Merit Educator’s kit features never-before-published photography, artwork, quick-read discussion-starters and fresh insight into what it takes to succeed.  Additional content provided by award-winning historians John Mollison, Donald Nijboer and Dan Patterson.

The goal, however, is single-minded: encourage Americans of all-ages to consider their opportunity and resolve to meet it with positive effort and optimism.

However, while supplies last, cut-out, flyable models of Steve Pisanos’ WWII Spitfire airplane are available to recognized educators and leaders, FREE.  A small fee is requested to cover postage and mailing costs.

Using TMBTM Educator Kit Package

The four* free main components of the TMBTM Educator Kit were designed to allow the individual teacher flexibility in addressing their specific needs.  Downloading, printing and distributing is encouraged but please respect the copyright and hard work of the many people who contributed by not altering content, hosting it or distributing it without written permission.

Download the four free main components. Click here to download.

*There’s a fifth component—cut out models of Steve’s Spitfire fighter plane!  Other than a minimum charge to cover shipping & handling, they’re free, too. Click here to order.

The TMBTM Educator Kit

This ten page .pdf uses the The Mettle Behind the Merit documentary as a launching point to challenge students to define their own dream of success and realize it through intelligent work and positive behavior.

Click here to download.

The TMBTM Photo Kit

Who doesn’t like pictures?!  Many of the photos included are previously unpublished.  However, they provide historical and photographic insight into Steve Pisanos’ fascinating career. 

Click here to download.

The TMBTM DFC Citations

The Distinguished Flying Cross is the United States’ fourth highest award for bravery in flight.  All five of Steve Pisanos’ DFC certificates are represented as they were written and awarded by the United States Army Air Force and United States Air Force.  These citations are succinct, direct and remain fascinating insight into how large organizations recognize excellence.

Click here to download.

The TMBTM Worksheets

These worksheets provide the practical aspect of bringing The Mettle Behind the Merit into the classroom.  There are five pages and each one features two questions for students to thoughtfully and independently engage with Steve Pisanos’ story.

Click here to download.

Cut-Out PlaneCard™ Models of Steve Pisanos’ Spitfire

While supplies last, teachers and leaders of schools and recognized youth/civic organizations can receive cut-out models of Steve Pisanos’ Spitfire fighter plane. 20/pack - 40/maximum.

Click here to order.

ON HOLD - Want a distinguished veteran to come to your classroom or group?

The Distinguished Flying Cross Society represents all walks of life and all branches of American military service.  If you would like to have one of our members come to your classroom or group, please click here.  We will work to connect you with a representative nearby.

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